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Developer Naughty Dog has released version of the PC port of The Last of Us Part 1. This should fix over forty bugs, making it the biggest patch for the game to date. Prior to that, three hotfixes had already been released.

Shown from the patch notes Naughty Dog fixes issues with graphics, performance, and user experience, among others. There are a total of 43 fixes. Among other things, a crash while loading parachutes has been fixed. also texture flowThe system is optimized according to the developer, which reduces CPU consumption. In addition, it fixes some issues with Steam Deck performance.

Owned by YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits Performance of The Last of Us v1.0.2.0 compared to v1.0.1.0. It shows that load times are reduced, vram consumption is reduced and shaders are compiled better. Animation bugs in some cases have also been fixed. Despite this, the YouTuber reports that crashes and graphical glitches still occur on a regular basis. In the patch notes, Naughty Dog wrote that regular updates will be released to fix additional bugs.

The PC port of the first part of the PlayStation game The Last of Us was released in March, but players soon found themselves facing several issues related to the game’s technical performance. For example, the characters behaved strangely, the shaders didn’t compile well, and the hardware requirements were too high. Tweakers recently ran benchmarks for the highly anticipated port.

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