Naughty Dog is investigating complaints about the performance of the PC version of The Last of Us – Games – News

PC versions fluctuated for a long time from near perfect to completely unplayable, especially ports and to a lesser extent proprietary PC titles. It’s an ongoing problem, because of the multitude of hardware and software configurations that come with a modular platform, but also the increasingly high workload of many developers, insane deadlines, poor collaboration between management and developers, and increased expectations in terms of graphics and scale, not every team is equal , etc. For ports, it also depends on the art setting, engine used, etc. of the original version.

always pessimistic to see this; Even if it could probably be fixed with a patch or two in months. This is not desirable for the developer and publisher themselves and continues to happen. It is strange that it goes this way; We’ve seen mediocre niches interspersed with good ones for at least two decades. With current organizations, budgets, and titles, this seems like the highest achievable. Dutch Nixxes does a good job and Bluepoint Games is also known for good ports, but it goes in all directions and is getting worse over time rather than getting better. Multi-platform titles aren’t always your cup of tea on every platform.

In this case, the Iron Galaxy remote team doesn’t seem to have succeeded despite the delays – perhaps not enough people/time, bad organization, mediocre engineers; Anyway, it’s such a shame with a game like this, that it’s finally coming to PC. The wait will take a few weeks to months longer.

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