Natasja Froger crying at celebrities in hospital

Natasja Froger crying at celebrities in hospital

Natasja Froger, 56, is visibly emotional in a new episode of ‘Celebrities in the Hospital’. When a nurse talks about her motivation to work in health care, the presenter fills in.

“Let’s just cuddle”

Natasha uses her lunchtime to learn more about her mentor, Tess. She has been working in the hospital for 12.5 years. She comes alone in the emergency room. “What made you decide to go into foster care?” asks Natas, her education coach. “My brother was disabled. He died. In the hospital, outside the hospital. My parents took good care of him. (…) Then I thought: I find this interesting.”

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“He had a really great time with us,” says Tess. “Everyone was there for him. It secured my interest.” “He had Duchenne disease. A muscle disease. He was stubborn, but he was physically disabled.”

“He’s really had a great life. And so are we. And that’s it.” Then tears stream down Tess’ cheeks. Natas sees this happening. She says, “Oh my God, my dear.” “It remains a loss.”

Natasha wouldn’t be Natasha if she didn’t put her loving arms around Tess. “Just for a while. I know it’s not allowed, but we’re both wearing masks and we’ve both been tested. So we’ll just cuddle.” “It’s nice to do something for people,” Tess continues.

“It affected me a lot. It still is.” Then tears also came to Natasha’s eyes. “I’ve been able to breathe for a long time, but not now,” she says, crying.

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In the same ward, Natasha also meets 12-year-old patient Damien. He has a broken arm and wants the plaster color to be blue/yellow. “Because there is a war in Ukraine,” says the little boy. The hospital has nothing but blue and white plaster. So Natasha is turned on and the white part has been colored with a yellow mark. “I think it’s really cool that you’re doing this,” says Natas.

You can watch celebrities in hospital every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on SBS6.

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