Natalie Portman hasn’t (yet) returned to Star Wars for this reason

Natalie Portman hasn't (yet) returned to Star Wars for this reason

We saw actress Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor in the Marvel movie last year Thor: Love and Thunder. She’s definitely not the only sci-fi character the actress has played. Of course we also know her as Padmé from star Warsprequels.

Meanwhile, more and more faces from the world star Wars Back in the sequel and series on Disney+, we haven’t seen Padmé yet. But will this happen?[/b]

Padme back
The actress recently spoke to GQ and was asked why she hasn’t returned as a favorite yet star Warsa personality. The actress gave hope that this would happen in the future.

“I don’t have information on this. No one has asked me to come back, but I’m open to that,” she said. was Portman’s hopeful response.

future projects
It will be a while before a new movie comes out, but more and more series in the franchise are coming to Disney+.

The next series is Ahsoka With Rosario Dawson, it comes next The ship’s crew With jude law then in 2024 it’s time for the second season of Andor.

Lando’s helper
The series is also likely to appear in 2024 helpers And Lando and season 4 of The Mandalorian. If Portman returns, he likely won’t be in any of the series, but who knows.

The next production in which the actress can be seen is called lady in the lake. This is a TV mini-series for Apple TV+.

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