NASA makes new attempt to launch SLS rocket on November 14 – IT Pro – News

In short, it comes down to that.

He said a little longer.
They calculate the ideal number of days to launch. In addition, they have a number of secondary days where they can also fire, but this costs more fuel. And this can sometimes vary depending on the type of missile, what is still possible and what is not. Moreover, there are days when the location of the celestial bodies makes it simply impossible to put the payload in place.

Moreover, other matters such as staff planning, weather and support services planning play a role.

For example, there are also days when they can be launched, but they cannot because there are (military) flight movements in the area that cannot fly without reason to delete them. Or that the US Air Force does not want to delete it, political games also play a role. You have to let them know who’s boss on boss.

The airspace is additionally secured by the Air Force during launch, so it must also coordinate with them and fit their layout.

On top of that, the whole planning to get this thing in place, the gases that need to be saved. keep it up.

And all these plans must be compatible with each other. This is why there is so little data they can release.

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