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Protect? Which stream did you watch?

NASA decided to postpone the launch shortly after the launch window opened.
Launch windows never open? Issues not fixed before startup?

The delay was due to overheating of one of the four RS25 rocket engines in the rocket’s core stage.
Did the temperatures rise? They have to cool the motors before they “leave” so they don’t melt but there was no talk of overheating? They didn’t get enough temperature in one engine because the valve didn’t open (sufficiently).

It is cooled to a temperature of -252 ° C by pumping liquid hydrogen through it.
Maybe bad google translate? Because this is clear and true.

A similar problem arose in June, when NASA conducted a test of the rocket. Then that was resolved.
Scott Manley points out that it wasn’t tested last time and that NASA made a gamble:
NASA’s Artemis 1 rocket launch erased due to short #valve stop
Vertical warning video…

During the countdown, NASA tried to open some valves in the rocket to reduce pressure, but that didn’t lower the temperature enough..
NASA just closed the other valves and increased the pressure to open the last valve (completely):

All sorts of other problems arose during the countdown to launch. Previously, liquid hydrogen leaked from the core stage of the rocket, but later this problem was solved.
I didn’t understand this, are you talking about a “rift in the intertank”? It was only in the outer foam layer and not unexpectedly…or are you talking about the peak in the ‘purge tank’ because that was also within acceptable levels:

Moreover, it is impossible to completely contain hydrogen (the most volatile gas in our periodic table) under high pressure. So liquid hydrogen is constantly “leaking” from the rocket’s nuclear phase, I expect the bright minds at NASA are just as anticipating this.

Technically, they are “problems” but that’s why they test this… if there are really “problems”, they cancel the launch. So the first real problem was the valve. Now it seems as if “problems” should not happen.

It has been in development since 2010 and was to become a replacement for the Space Shuttle, which was decommissioned in 2011.
The SLS arose from the “Constellation Program”, which was originally intended to replace Ares missiles. After the retirement of the Space Shuttle, the SLS was introduced as successornot as a substitute for this:
It replaces the Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles, which were canceled along with the rest of the Constellation, an earlier program intended to return to the Moon.[23][24][25] The SLS aims to become the successor to the retired space shuttle, the primary launch vehicle for NASA’s deep space exploration plans during the 1920s.

Since then, the SLS has been redirected several times, but since 2018, the SLS is set to become the backbone of NASA’s manned Artemis lunar program.
Did the SLS have no other purpose than being the backbone of NASA? The Space Launch System (what’s in a name?) was only given high “design requirements” at a time. As it stands, he needs to get more pounds in the air.

The SLS should be ready in 2016, but it has been severely delayed due to a backlog of problems. This also made the program much more expensive than planned.
It should be noted that these “accumulations” were essentially “by design” and are primarily politically motivated. The history is discussed in detail here: SLS is old. Why does it exist?

Tweaker wrote a back story about it on Monday.
I hope more attention has been paid to details. Love her Scott Manley

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