My leaving family has to deal with a major setback after opening: “Eyeopener”

My leaving family has to deal with a major setback after opening: "Eyeopener"

Mike and Mike have already taken into account that it won’t be easy. However, they say they never expected it to be such a rollercoaster. “Despite a rough start with a lot of unexpected costs, hidden flaws and shutdowns, we quickly started to feel at home. Our girls had been going to a Spanish school in the village for a little over a year and already spoke Spanish well,” Mike wrote on the website. I’m leaving.

The couple thought it was important from the start that they blended in as much as possible and that seemed to work out well. Communication with school parents and local arrangement of building materials and manpower helps us integrate. This is important to us and we note that the locals appreciate that we are making the effort. We feel very welcome in the village and have already made a nice circle of friends outside the village.

Mike says they can look at a lot of the highlights. We have been able to make our dream come true by planting vegetable gardens, eating from our own garden, working environmentally with our orchard and making plans for future environmental projects. Our apartment is also ready and is even more beautiful than we had hoped. After the Vinca opened, they also had to deal with the necessary setbacks. In the weeks after opening, Maayke basically slumped, leading to health issues. It was an eye opening for all of us and from that moment on we slowed down. Our health and happiness are of paramount importance now.

Unfortunately, mango trees are not doing well yet. Thanks to our Spanish neighbors and the villagers, we have been able to repair our trees over the past year. They have been severely neglected due to the lack of water. Unfortunately, our trees are not in the best condition at the moment due to the lack of water this summer. Fortunately, a water storage will be set up soon so we will have enough water next summer.

Since the family hardly has time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and each other, they want to find a better balance between work and leisure in the future. Of course, they hope the rent goes well. Now that the apartments are ready we are also receiving the first reservations, which is a big and exciting fun! We already have a few reservations for November, December and January.

I’m leaving It can be seen every Thursday around 8.30pm. on NPO1.

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