Musk fires two Twitter employees who criticized politics

Musk fires two Twitter employees who criticized politics

Among these is Eric Frohnhoefer, who was a developer of the Twitter Android app until recently. Fronhofer to improve Musk on Twitter. According to the developer, the billionaire was trying to wrongly explain why Twitter for Android is so slow. Then someone asked Musk if he wanted someone like Fraunhofer on his team. “He’s been fired,” Musk said in a since-deleted tweet.

Released after public criticism

Shortly thereafter, the Android developer Don’t log in anymore On his laptop working. Frohnhoefer says in a conversation with Forbes That he had no official contact with Twitter following his public resignation by the owner. “They are all a bunch of cowards,” Fronhofer says of his former colleagues. Former Chief Technical Officer of Twitter Timelines Ben Leib supports By the way, Frohnhoefer’s tweet in which he mentioned Musk is wrong.

As expressed by Sasha Solomon, Twitter employee public embarrassment on Musk’s tweet, and then, as he put it, it was too Dismissed – Temporarily released. “Kiss my ass Elon,” Solomon replies to the class. When Musk took over Twitter, the billionaire promised to promote free speech. This does not seem to apply to his employees.

Big advertisers are turning away

According to Musk, the ongoing tensions in Twitter are causing a supply of new users. Tourists with disasters or not, will not see advertisements from major companies. Many large advertisers have already left, and recent advice advises companies not to advertise on Twitter. GroupM, part of the world’s largest advertising company WPP, discourage companies To advertise on Twitter.

Previously, competitors IPG and Omnicom Media Group also offered such advice to stop advertising for companies that advertise on Twitter. Twitter has acquired a new major advertiser: SpaceX. Musk’s space company shines $250,000 In ads on Twitter.

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