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Developer Arkane revealed more about the Deathloop multiplayer mode in an extensive presentation. The single player game allows players to conquer other players like opponent Juliana Blake. Then they have to take out the main character Colt.

In Ring Protection mode, you play Juliana Blake. Before immersing themselves in the game, players can customize Juliana’s appearance and then choose whether they want to conquer a friend’s game or a random player game. Once they enter the game, they have to take out Colt, the main character from the single player.

Juliana has many of the same powers and weapons at her disposal as the Colt. Although he also has the ability to “revenge” with which he can come back from the dead once. Juliana can’t do that, so the player whose game you conquer always has an advantage. By the way, Juliana can also be controlled by computer in the game if you happen to meet her.

A similar multiplayer mode was previously introduced in Watchdogs 2, where players can conquer each other’s game. The invaders had to hack the other player and steal the data. When your game was invaded by another player, the attacker had to be found and eliminated.

Deathloop has been published twice by publisher Bethesda Delayed. The game is scheduled to be released on September 14, 2021. The game will first be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC and has not yet been announced for other consoles.

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