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Mozilla creates a startup called With this, the company wants to work on “reliable” and open source artificial intelligence. Mozilla is investing $30 million in the initiative, which will be led by AI researcher Moez Darif.

Mozilla announces the creation of in a blog post It says it is working on an “ecosystem” of trusted, open source AI. The company will initially “create tools that make generative AI more secure and transparent.” also says it’s working on “people-centered recommendation systems that don’t mislead us or undermine our well-being.” The startup shares few concrete details, but says it will provide more information in the coming months.

The Mozilla Foundation is initially investing $30 million in the new company. Moez Dorif becomes Managing Director of Drive was previously head of Huawei’s artificial intelligence lab The world’s chief scientist At the consulting firm Capgemini. Mozilla CEO Mark Surman and Karim Lakhani of Harvard University and Navrina Singh of artificial intelligence company Credo will become the first board members.

The full team will initially consist of 25 engineers, scientists and product managers, Mozilla says In an interview with TechCrunch. The company wants to work with this team on reliable recommendation systems and openAI-style GPT-4 large language models. However, over time, the startup wants to build a network of “affiliates and research groups that share Mozilla’s vision.”

Mozilla has been working on artificial intelligence for some time. Company published in 2020 A white paper with his insights into reliable AI models. However, Mozilla has not released concrete products based on artificial intelligence yet. Now that artificial intelligence is on the rise with models like OpenAI’s GPT-4, ChatGPT, Google Bard, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E, Mozilla says it wants to work on models that are more open and transparent. “We are not only wondering what is possible and how people can benefit from it. We are also wondering what could happen and how we can deal with it,” the company wrote.

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