Moving to iOS 15 is slower than iOS 14, “Apple stops with iOS 14 updates” – Tablets and phones – News

It wasn’t clear from your response, I read “never update to a newer ‘big’ version” this is already happening and I think it’s mandatory even for a certain period. I also find it hard to imagine that people will ignore this notice, people usually want this update.

But it ends somewhere and the question is whether that’s too bad. I could try running the latest Android on my old Nexus 10 tablet or Nexus 5 phone, but that doesn’t make me happier: it’s just too slow.

He made the mistake by chance last weekend by automatically installing Windows 10 on a Zotac ZBox that is over 10 years old. Then you suddenly discover how much faster computers have become and that these devices simply aren’t enough anymore. Plus, it’s not bad at all to have a major version of Android that’s somewhat older, as long as you keep up with security updates. It is not as if Whatsapp or Facebook is not working on an older version of Android.

Finally, your article shows that >70% are running a recent version of Android (9/10/11).

Those “Kitkat users” you see in that overview have started with something older (Gingerbread? Froyo?) and haven’t received any updates after Kitkat.

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