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Mountain released the DisplayPad and MacroPad. These keyboards are designed with live streaming devices and Content Creators in mind and can be used in addition to a larger keyboard. Both keyboards contain twelve configurable keys.

DisplayPad mount It has twelve customizable keys with color screens with a resolution of 104 x 104 pixels. It is possible to use a selection of built-in icons to denote hotkeys, macros, and other adjustable functions. However, users can also add their own images using the .gif, .jpg, .png, and .bmp file formats. It is also possible to create folders for all shortcuts, macros, and functions, and to use different profiles.

This keyboard can be installed on a file Everest keyboard From the company. It can also be placed on a stand that comes with DisplayPad. Integrated functionality is provided for a number of tools commonly used among streaming devices, such as Twitch, OBS Studio, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator. DisplayPad is available for 110 euros.

Macro mountain path It does not have display switches, but also has twelve adjustable mechanical switches. The MacroPad can also be added to Mountain’s Everest keyboards or used with the included stand. The keyboard has a number of RGB modes to use, where separate color options can be assigned to each key.

In addition, MacroPad includes a number of integrated software controls that are often used by banners and have the ability to create various profiles. Furthermore, the MacroPad uses the Mountain Tactile 55 mechanical switches, which can be replaced with other 3- or 5-pin Cherry MX switches using an inline tool. MacroPad costs 60 euros. Anyway, both machines are for sale at Mountain itself.

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