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Motorola has put out a teaser for the X30 Pro, a phone that will likely release in Europe as Edge 30 Ultra or Frontier. In the teaser, the brand shows the focal point of the three cameras and shows that the ultra-wide-angle camera is missing.

Motorola X30 Pro cameras

The teaser shows the focal lengths of the three cameras on the back as 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. Most smartphone cameras have a 35mm-equivalent focal length primary camera of 24 to 28mm, while ultra-wide-angle cameras typically range from 13 to 19mm.

Motorola calls the 35mm camera the “human eye,” the 50mm camera the “heart eye” and the 85mm camera the “portrait eye.” The aforementioned phone, the X30 Pro, is the brand’s most expensive phone to release in China.

It is exceptional that a smartphone with three cameras does not have a field of view wider than 35 mm. The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra It also has a primary camera with a 35mm lens, but it adds a 16mm camera for ultra-wide angle shots.

Motorola Frontier

The phone will likely launch in the rest of the world as Edge 30 Ultra, codenamed Frontier. This primary camera has a maximum resolution of 200MP, so it is probably the first or one of the first phones with a camera sensor of this resolution. Maybe it’s about Samsung HP1With an area of ​​82.5 mm² and an optical size of 1 / 1.22 inch, this makes it a large sensor for a smartphone, but it is not the largest yet.

The Lenovo sub-brand doesn’t say exactly when it wants to introduce the X30 Pro. Previous rumors Refer to a presentation next month

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