Motorola announced in the European markets the devices that will receive Android 13 – tablets and phones – news

There is something to think about buying Motorola. Software support may be much less than standard,
But a) not every customer cares equally about which Android version they are running,
b) In the segment where Motorola is (budget), the standard is unfortunately still 1 or 2 android update (based on what Realme, Xiaomi / Poco and Oneplus promised in this segment),
c) Motorola’s software is already sufficient for most (I get this from my experience with the Edge 20, got to know it from my brother when he had a G4 Plus and from a friend of his X Force).
d) Motorola devices (or a good number of them at least) can be rooted and fitted with custom ROMs, for example, Edge 20, just got the latest version of LineageOS last week.

That’s not to say I agree with Motorola’s practices, but it’s clear from market research and competition within sectors that updates aren’t that important hence I understand you’d rather have good software available at launch and not much more there sitting on.

I also think it’s a shame they don’t do 3 or 4 years of updates because their hardware, in my opinion, is often pretty cool. However, unfortunately, this is how the market currently operates (Samsung, Google and Apple are the exceptions here in fact, the rest are all 1-3 years). Given the ROM support that Motorola phones often have, I wouldn’t put it away as “disposable junk”, and certainly not for a true Tweaker; P

Motorola seems to be learning“Motorola promises that the Edge (2022) will get three years of major OS upgrades and four years of bi-monthly security updates.” :)

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