Most popular trailers of all time (positive and negative)

Most popular trailers of all time (positive and negative)

Trailers are one of the most important tools a publisher uses to promote a game today. Through channels like YouTube, Twitch, and social media, you can present your latest game to hundreds of millions of people. That was different. Prior to 1990, trailers could only be shown on television. And that was often too expensive for most publishers. After all, gaming wasn’t much of a business back then. Advertising in a gaming magazine was often a better option. In 2023, things are very different. Almost everyone owns a phone and/or a PC and has access to media 24 hours a day. So are the trailers. JJ wanted to know what are the most popular trailers of all time and which videos have the most likes or dislikes? And why did those likes and dislikes come about?

No one will ever guess what the most watched promotional video of all time is

A good trailer easily scores a million views these days. However, you only do it well when you pass ten million views. The absolute top of the trailers goes even further. so far. What are these games? And why are they so famous? JJ will tell you in this video. And trust us, you’ll never guess the most watched video game trailer. And you haven’t seen it either.

Why are trailers so widely praised or hated?

A trailer made to do something for you. It warms you up to the release or detracts from your expectations of the game. Trailers can really make or break a game these days. JJ tried to find out which trailers had the most likes and dislikes. And which trailer turned out to be the most misguided of all? You can see and hear the answer in the video.

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