Moscow: Russian warship pulls US nuclear submarine out of naval training area | Abroad

Moskou: Russische torpedojager verdrift nucleai onderzeer VS uit ofeengebied marine |  Buitenland

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, it is a nuclear-powered American Virginia submarine. The submarine was found at 10:40 a.m. (Moscow time) Saturday near Urup, one of the islands in the northern Kuril archipelago. The exercises are being conducted by the Pacific Navy, part of the Russian Navy stationed in the Pacific or Pacific Ocean.

As the area in question falls within its territorial waters, a warship of the Pacific Fleet came into operation, according to Russia. The submarine ‘Marshall Shaboshnikov’ used ‘appropriate means’ in accordance with the guidelines for protecting the Russian state border underwater. The Russians ordered the Americans to leave but refused. The ministry said the US submarine pulled out of Russian waters “at maximum speed” after using up “resources”.

Later in the day, the military liaison to the US embassy in Moscow reported that the submarine had crossed the Russian state border, according to the state news agency DOS.

According to the US Armed Forces, “Russian claims are not true.” A spokesman declined to comment on the exact location of the US submarines, saying they would operate safely in international waters.

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