Morocco expects delivery of US Abrams A2 tanks

Morocco expects delivery of US Abrams A2 tanks

September 14, 2022 – 1:00 pm – Morocco


Morocco remains loyal to the American Abrams tank and is preparing to receive new American tanks of the last generation (Abrams 2). With this military equipment, the kingdom can deal with regional instability.

The Royal Armed Forces will soon receive “fresh supplies of American Abrams A2 fighter jets”. The Facebook page declares that they have been “adapted to the specifications requested by Morocco”. FAR Morocco Forum at.

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The Abrams tank was developed by the American company General Dynamics and is considered one of the most valuable and powerful tanks in the world. It was used in many conflicts, including the Second Gulf War and the War in Afghanistan. It is a classic that has been on the market since 1979 and is available in various versions: M1A1, M1A2, M1A2-SEP and others.

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Morocco bought 222 “Abrams A1” tanks from the United States in 2012 for more than $1 billion. Subsequently, Rabat purchased another 162 “Abrams M1A2” tanks for $1.25 billion. The Moroccan “M1A1-SA (Situational Awareness)” tank also has the base version M1A1. These tanks have been “modified and modernized to meet the latest models available today”.

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