More than 80 people have died in the US hurricane, and many are still missing

More than 80 people have died in the US hurricane, and many are still missing

The death toll from the recent tragedy in the United States has risen to 100. A series of catastrophic hurricanes hit the U.S. mid-Friday and yesterday. Many more are missing.

The state of Kentucky has been hard hit, with at least 80 deaths reported last night. Governor Andy Bessier fears the number could rise to more than 100.

State of emergency in the state of Kentucky

Dozens of hurricanes Left the path of destruction for hundreds of miles in the center of America. Mayfield, a city of 10,000 people in Kentucky, has been particularly hard hit. Many buildings were completely demolished and the streets were littered with rubble. Mayor Kathy O’Neill described the center in a conversation CNN Like a pile of “matches”. “The disaster is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen,” Governor Bessier said in Mayfield.

Bessier has declared a state of emergency in his state and called on Washington for help. President Joe Biden pledged to provide all necessary federal assistance and expressed his condolences to the governors of the affected states. The president tweeted that the hurricane had caused “unimaginable tragedy” in the region.

Dozens of people were killed when a candle factory collapsed in Mayfield, local media reported. Of the 110 employees, 70 have yet to be found. According to Pesher, it would be a “miracle” if anyone else was found there. News of some deaths is coming from other states. Three known deaths in Tennessee, two in Arkansas and one in Missouri.

Dead and missing in Amazon warehouse

At least six employees have been killed in an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois. An unidentified number of Amazon employees are still buried in the rubble as the roof of the building was torn apart by a hurricane and part of the building collapsed. Fire chief James Whiteford said 45 people were able to leave the building safely. He expects the rescue operation to last at least three days. But he thinks the chance of finding the survivors is zero.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassi said on Twitter that he was deeply saddened by the death of his staff. “Our thoughts are with their families during this difficult time.” Founder Jeff Bezos also took to Twitter to offer his condolences. The world’s second-richest man says Amazon will act in support of the community.

In the states of Tennessee and Kentucky alone, at least 200,000 households are without electricity.

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Nearly 100 people have died in the US hurricane, and many are still missing

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