More countries take action on embassy in Kabul | abroad

More countries take action on embassy in Kabul |  abroad

Sweden is also recalling some of its employees. Meanwhile, France once again urges its citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country as soon as possible. Switzerland will take back its remaining three employees from the Kabul office as soon as possible. The country does not have an embassy there, local employees can apply for a visa. The Netherlands is quick to summon some embassy staff.

The United States has already announced that it will evacuate a large number of its embassy staff in Kabul. The British announced similar measures. The government in London held an emergency meeting on Friday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson later said he would continue to support Afghanistan. He assures that his country will remain closely involved in Afghanistan’s future, until there is no government that again allows terrorists to unleash.


With the withdrawal of international forces, the Taliban was able to take back the country. 18 of the 34 regional capitals are now under fundamentalist control. The Taliban are said to have approached Kabul within 50 kilometers.

The US diplomatic presence in Kabul was reduced to a “barefoot occupation”. The Americans are sending an additional 3,000 troops to manage the departure of embassy staff. Most of them will be there by the end of the weekend. There are currently 650 US troops in Afghanistan to protect the embassy, ​​among other things. The British are also temporarily sending military reinforcements. These countries are also taking measures to get Afghan translators and other (former) employees out of the country. The United States says that in the coming days, “thousands” will be flown out of the country daily.

A spokesman said the United Nations had not yet evacuated any staff, but was monitoring the situation “hour by hour”. According to him, the people’s organization has few people in the areas occupied by the Taliban. However, a number of employees were brought to Kabul.

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