More cars, more traffic jams: Traffic is more than before Corona | internal

More cars, more traffic jams: Traffic is more than before Corona |  internal
The crowds on Dutch roads are completely back, and even bigger than they were before Corona. This says ANWB traffic information Based on traffic congestion figures for the first quarter of this year. Compared to the first quarter of 2019, the number of traffic jams increased by 10 percent.

This is while many people are still working from home. The reason traffic is back “in full force,” according to the ANWB, is due to fleet growth. Compared to 2019, there are another 470 thousand cars in our country.

Something that “literally and figuratively leaves its mark on the road,” says ANWB’s Arnaud Bruges. Accordingly CBS There are more than 8.9 million passenger cars in the Netherlands. “Add to that freight traffic, and that obviously has flow consequences. Especially if we go on the road at the same time.”

In North Holland, traffic jams have grown by 20 percent in the past three months compared to 2019. South Holland and North Brabant remain the busiest provinces. Bad weather didn’t help. For example, snowfall and rain on both March 7 and 14 resulted in a total traffic jam of more than a thousand kilometers.

Tuesday and Thursday remain the busiest days. On Monday and Friday mornings, it was a little quieter than before. Although, according to Broekhuis, there is no indication that it will become less crowded on the road. “Even during the day, you actually sometimes join the queue.”

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