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Some people mean games that appeared before the world.

I’ll leave this discussion aside, but I can see why people like older games better than World of Rise, and I personally prefer older games like 4 Ultimate and Ultimate Generations, but I definitely found World entertaining and especially Iceborne DLC.

Stand up against that…this is my first MH game where I didn’t grind, I thought it was ‘mwah’ and where the world still had the excuse to ‘started something new’, in my view they failed with Rise on that front.

Think about it, Rise is a great game but it has less content than the base game World, plus the scenes and story are a lot less than World.

And that’s just one point that I also compare to World, if you include the old games, the list will only get longer.

If they went that route, I’d rather Rise be like MH Games before the world, it could have been better.

So I hope Sunbreak can fix all of this, or at least a lot of it.

Anyway, this is how my partner, me and most of our MH-playing acquaintances think, if Rise appeared before World and World after Rise, most of the choices one made in Rise would still make sense, now feels like it’s regression.

But I’ll go into a lot of detail here, everyone has a different opinion.

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