Monster Hunter-esque Wild Hearts will be released on February 17, 2023 – Games – News

As a huge Monster Hunter fan, I will definitely give this a shot. But based on what I see, I don’t have high expectations.

Many attempts have been made to get a slice of Monster Hunter’s success, and so far nothing really comes close.

Whether it’s Toukiden (also from Koei Tecmo’s Shed), Biomutant, or Dauntless, they all lack a little bit of cohesion that makes the Monster Hunter series so good. Toukiden lacked some depth to me, Biomutant turned into a very empty and lifeless game world after release, and Dauntless looked pretty promising in terms of vision during the beta/kickstarter phase, but since the creator sold the soul to Epic Games a seasonal bullshit show for ‘Hunt’ Pass with only about 12 hours of content, and then I’ve seen it all.

Monster Hunter has an extensive and layered progression system, with most games having a “small steps” principle when it comes to weapons and equipment. Take out the mighty Jaggi for first upgrade, Korupeco for second upgrade, Barroth for third, Rathian for four, and Lagiacrus for fifth. Then you move to high rank And the party starts again. In some games, you also have one Distinguished Rank On top of new challenges.

In addition, there is always a wide variety of samples, and there is a lot of variance and variation between samples and regions. All this also makes the world more cohesive, so that the mechanics of the game are less likely to be hacked and you are more involved in it “Exploring the ecosystem skillfully”.

So I am only amazed when I see the same in-game cohesion that previously impressed people about the “ultimate hunting experience”. The game might cost €70, but I definitely wouldn’t pay that, and I definitely wouldn’t pay at release. For now, I can take on Rise: Sunbreak, and here and there a reboot of an old, nostalgic title so I can judge for myself what I think it’s worth. Who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised by the reviews. :)

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