Monique Westenberg proud of the candid Andre: ‘You will find the way’

Monique Westenberg proud of the candid Andre: 'You will find the way'

Monique is not only proud of Andrei, but also “grateful for the step he took.” ‘To yourself and our little man! Please continue your search. Over the mountains, through the valleys… you’ll find the way! She writes to her ex-husband, on his now public Instagram profile.

Earlier on Monday evening Andre announced that he would be returning and working on his comeback. The singer says he was “in the darkest period of his life”, losing himself. He took everything from life, but in the wrong way. Sometimes he can’t figure out what he did yesterday. I started looking for professional help because I really needed it at the time. Just all the way to the basics in search of myself. Knowing who I really am, what I want in my life and knowing what makes me truly happy.

André also talks about the documentary about his life which will soon appear in Videoland. “I’m showing my most vulnerable side and I thought that was tough. You’ve come a long way and you deserve an honest documentary.”

Finally, the singer has a big message for his fans. He announces his return. “And anywhere else that could be at Holland Zingt Hazes 2023. I am really looking forward to being able to sing again to the most loyal audience out there.”

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