Monique Hendrix Cries for the Loss of His Father in Stars on Canvas: “That’s Not the Intent” | show

Monique Hendrix Cries for the Loss of His Father in Stars on Canvas: "That's Not the Intent" |  show

ModernizationBroadcaster Ozkan Akyol was arrested last night stars on canvas A chord with Monique Hendrix. The BenozaThe actress spoke candidly about losing her father in front of 689,000 viewers, but she couldn’t hold back her tears when Akyol asked her about her last memories of him. “When I touched his hand, I felt at that moment that he was dead,” she said with a lump in her throat.

Hendrickx was a guest on Omroep MAX tonight stars on canvas. In it, she spoke with broadcaster Özkan Akyol about getting older and the new stage of life she’s in now that her daughter has left home, but also about losing her father at the age of 13.

The actress lived in Suriname from the age of three to seven. She tells Akyol that it is now a “homesick place”. This is mainly due to the illness of her father, who developed colon cancer. After the family returned to the Netherlands, Hendrix saw her father continue to decline. Despite this, she never feels like her world is completely falling apart, due in part to her parents’ approach. But you see the body deteriorate while the soul still wants to go on. “I found this experience very intense,” Hendricks says. “He could do less and less in those five years. That round he could still walk in the neighborhood became in the garden, then around the table. Once he was lying in bed.”


Then I clearly felt what is life and what is death

Monica Hendricks

However, Hendrix has no bad memories of the past years with her father. Akyol wondered if she could remember the last time she saw her father. That was the moment Hendrix broke up. “That’s not the intention at all,” she said with tears in her eyes. Then she told how she saw him lying on the bed in a way “the way he often lay”. At first, Hendrickx didn’t feel at all that he was breathing his last. This realization came only when I touched his hand. With tears: “At that moment I felt that he was dead and I felt that he was no longer there. Then I clearly felt what life is and what death is.

Even though that moment was intense, Hendrix is ​​”so happy” that she touched her dad for the last time. “In the end, it’s a very fond memory of mine,” she concluded.

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