Monday’s message is about the Super Mario Movie, Nintendo’s favorite spot and artificial intelligence

Monday's message is about the Super Mario Movie, Nintendo's favorite spot and artificial intelligence

It’s Monday but it’s also a little Sunday. In other words, we’ve come to Easter. Or actually it’s just Easter. Anyway, it’s only Monday for us. After all, the media never sit still. Not at all when people are free and want to consume content. That’s why we bring you the best Easter Monday version of the message. Can you hit an egg on it? We have selected for you a nice selection of questions from the total range. Questions about, for example, the appeal of the Diablo franchise, love of PS2, preference for Nintendo and of course questions about Super Mario Bros. film. You can see and hear the answers to all questions in the message Monday, April 10th.

Monday’s message about, among other things, Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. film

The Mario movie premiered last week. And this did not go unnoticed by us. Not only because a good portion of our editors, with or without children, went to the movies, but also because we got so many questions about it. Our reaction to the movie can be seen this week in our Premium and Open Review. On this edition of Letters Monday we discuss whether there will be a sequel to the movie or if Nintendo will make movies based on their other franchises?

Down with the PS5 and PS4, long live the PS2

Then we have a letter writer who got away from the PS5 and PS4 and found love for the PS2 again. Do we feel this way sometimes? Nostalgia for ancient times? And what games should he play on PS2? Another fun question is whether we’re vulnerable to special, tailor-made versions of consoles. In this case, the limited edition Zelda keys. You will see and hear these and a number of other questions in this new edition of Monday’s Message. Or is it Sunday’s message after all…

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