Monday message about great reviews, Disco Elysium & Forza Horizon 5

Monday message about great reviews, Disco Elysium & Forza Horizon 5

The weekend is over and Monday begins. And you know what to expect. A new work week and the presence of your favorite live stream and post-it on the site. So you can start the week off right. We are, of course, talking about the message of Monday. After a nice weekend, we hope it’s time to answer all your burning questions. The questions you’ve been memorizing all week. We have received a lot of messages. Boris and Kos will answer them. With questions about new games, old games and some items on the And much more. You can see it all in this week’s Monday message.

Monday message about Forza Horizon 5

Then let’s play from Forza Horizon 5 A number of questions have come up about this address. We were positively surprised by the game. However, the viewer had something negative to say about the game. And on the PC version. While we were playing the game on Xbox Series X. This viewer had problems on PC. What problems did he encounter? Of course you will hear it right away in this video. There was also a question, or rather a comment, about the Xbox Game Pass. There were also other options for those on a smaller budget.

Grateful for the community’s response

And there’s more. For example, last week we had an emotional message on Monday with a viewer having some annoying physical issues. Many viewers reacted warmly to this. Now there’s again about a community member who was less physically affected. But there is hope. Many messages were also received. what is all of this? You can see that if you quickly click the play button. Welcome to the message Monday, November 8th. And yes, in the element that Boris shouted at website From our PJay.

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