Moïse Trustfull mother has been an obstacle to her career before

Moïse Trustfull mother has been an obstacle to her career before

Musa’s daughter coffee timeLieutenant Colonel Quinte Trustful is today’s actress. While you might think her mom would have a big toe in the cake when it comes to her career, Moïse makes it clear that this is not the case. “What you see often is: Your parents are your role models and you want what they’d do. My parents really wanted me to do something that I really love. So I noticed they held back instead of saying, ‘Oh, you have to do something with that.'” It soon becomes apparent that Moyes loves life in the spotlight. As a child, for example, she wanted to be “the leading role in everything.” “And every Christmas I walked in a fashion show. I really loved being in the spotlight.”

In order to take steps in her career on her own, Moyes decided behind her back to sign up with her parents’ casting agencies. Then when she auditioned, she said she “went to a friend’s house.”

To avoid comparisons with her mother as much as possible, Moyes decided to act, she said. “My mother offers then I will act. Then I don’t act like my mother. Because you often hear that: ‘You only do this, because your mother does it too.'” However, she is still Quinte’s daughter with a comparison to her. “Then I feel very upset. I just feel like I have to give more, because they already know who you are.” She believes there are people out there who think Moise has a “step up” because her mom is famous. “I don’t feel anything but that to me. (…) In the end, there are ten other people who audition with me and have no opinion about these others. It falls more on everything I do. Be it positive or negative.”

Moïse is currently working hard to transition into the world of television. “Give me a microphone and let me walk around the studio with a cameraman.”

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