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One mod was able to run Google’s Pixel 6a screen, which usually has a refresh rate of 60Hz, at 90Hz. The modification requires flashing the custom vendor_boot partition and is certainly not without its problems at this point.

The modder, who uses the nickname TheLunarixus, made his findings His Twitter account exposed. He noticed that the Pixel 6A uses the same display controller as the regular Google Pixel 6: the Samsung s6e3fc3 controller. This is known to support monitors with a refresh rate of 90Hz. However, this mode was not present in the Pixel 6A configuration. TheLunarixus then copied the 90Hz mode timings from the driver for the Pixel 6 and added them to the driver for the Pixel 6A, along with some adjustments to the height and width values, since the Pixel 6A’s screen is somewhat smaller.

Although TheLunarixus managed to use his phone in 90Hz mode after that, and two Aharon Users on Twitter confirm that it works for them too, and the mode certainly doesn’t work perfectly. For example, there are problems with v-sync and the screen has a clear green haze at 90Hz, because there is no calibration profile. There’s also no guarantee that the mode won’t damage the screen, though TheLunarixus writes that the voltage toward the screen isn’t set and so the hardware isn’t controlled differently.

TheLunarixus is currently working on a custom CD with all the changes baked and hopes to make it stable enough for a wide release, so Tells him to the edge. Google has not yet commented on the results. Tweakers are currently working on a Pixel 6A review.

Pixel 6A at 90Hz (Source: Tweet embed on Twitter)

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