Mobvoi publishes a teaser for the supposed TicWatch 5 Pro smartwatch – Tablets & Phones – News

On the one hand, of course, it’s silly to have a watch, announce that it’s going to get Wear OS 3 in the future, and we’re still waiting over two years after that. But on the other hand, the watch works fine with Wear OS 2, so this really shouldn’t be a deal breaker as to whether or not you choose the TicWatch.

However, I’m not completely satisfied with the Pro 3 Ultra. The battery is a relief compared to the Skagen Falster 3 (equivalent to Fossil Gen 5) that I had before. Also the second screen is a really nice addition. But the sensors leave much to be desired. The World Wide Web is filled with complaints about sensors failing, and then Mobvoi blames users for wearing the watch while taking a shower. While it should be possible according to the certificate. Moisture seems to be able to get into the watch, so swimming is not actually recommended and sweat can also get into the watch during vigorous exercise.

I now have the impression that the sensors on my watch are no longer working reliably. The heart rate sensor changes greatly during exercise. While the heart rate is well above 120 beats per minute, the watch records about half that.

As a result, I’m now a bit reluctant to buy another Ticwatch, though I’ll especially miss the second screen with a later watch.

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