Minnetjes premarket, we are in the doldrums and there are again the usual suspects

Minnetjes voorbeurs, we zijn in recessie en er zijn weer ususal suspects

The AEX is -0.3%…not much to say at the moment.

The Netherlands is officially in recession, and so on. Bloomberg tells ASML something Coming from The Hague, the Fed is making mixed sounds about interest rates.

  • European futures open from -0.2% to -0.8%
  • US do -0.4%
  • In Asia, China is closed (Hong Kong is open, the Hang Seng is -1.9%), and Japan is down -1.5%. Korea does -0.9% and Taiwan +0.1%. What a mess really…

Alibaba -1.2%
Tencent -1.4%
TSMC -0.3%
Samsung + 0.7%

  • Volatility (CBOE VIX) continues to decline and now stands at -2.2% at 12.9%. The BofA MOVE Index (Bonds) is -2.8% at 107.7
  • The choppy dollar is now back at -0.2% at 1.0930, after some hawkish and divisive noise from the Fed.
  • Gold rose by 0.1%, Oil fell by 0.9%, and the price of the cryptocurrency was also stable. Bitcoins are $30,048.87.

Interest rates have really gone back and forth in recent months, but they have been balancing sideways.

The media always knows how to make things federal. Noise. Just look at the prices in the forecast and then you know enough. There’s a quarter coming up.

First things first, ASML. Quote from Bloomberg and in fact there is no new news yet. There is also no response from ASML itself to the message. There will be something on but what?

The Dutch government plans to roll out new export controls that will restrict more ASML Holding NV chipmaking machines from being sent to China as soon as next week, according to people familiar with the matter.

Bloomberg previously reported that the measures, which the government pledged to publish before the summer, will not mention China or ASML, but are designed to restrict shipments of three models of the company’s machines to the Asian country.

Lawmakers have drafted the export control regulations as a blueprint that could be used by other EU member states and aim to publish them as soon as June 30 or the first week of July, said people familiar with the situation, who asked not to be identified. Because the plans are not public.

A Dutch government spokesman declined to comment.

The price didn’t do anything with it yesterday either. This is the NASDAQ listing for the fund.

Also good morning, two consecutive quarters of contraction: The Netherlands is now officially in recession. So now the bad news. The good news is -0.3% during the first quarter is better than expected. -0.7% was expected, as in Q4 2022.

Nice that they coincide! Nobody cares about the GDP number in the stock market. Q1, that’s a prehistoric number and investment looking forward. Also today there are the first estimates of PMIs (PMIs are the best leading indicators of GDP for GDP) for the month of June already. Unfortunately, not Holland, but Germany and the United States.

Japan is a disappointment indeed and a bit too, and Australia is a mixed bag, but this is really only interesting for the most die-hard co-writers.

Is it still assessments of a number of indicators and the difference between us and the rest remains colossal. The S&P 500 is 2 times more expensive than the Hang Seng and this is definitely not #14 with the white rice index. AEX makes 14.5 times the expected profit.

News, short tips and agenda

Top ABM Financial news since yesterday’s Amsterdam close.

  • 08:08 British retail sales rose unexpectedly
  • 07:58 “Yelen sees US recession risks diminishing”
  • 07:56 Expect lower start of AEX due to fear of attention
  • 07:35 Aegon takes Transamerica back to its roots
  • 07:26 NN will buy back shares
  • 07:14 European stock markets are expected to open lower
  • 07:05 Japanese inflation fell in May
  • 07:02 contraction of the Japanese industry
  • 07:02 The Dutch economy contracted smaller than expected
  • 06:55 Stock Exchange Agenda: Foreign Funds
  • 06:55 Stock Exchange Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • 06:54 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • Stock Market Update June 22: AEX is on Wall Street
  • Wall Street June 22 closed higher
  • June 22nd Oil price closed sharply lower
  • June 22nd Fed members are sending mixed signals
  • June 22nd Wall Street heads for a flat close
  • June 22 European stock markets closed lower
  • June 22 Alumix records strong revenue growth
  • June 22 Majorelle shareholder meeting approves all agenda items
  • June 22nd Closing Call: Chippers pulls the AEX away from Canyon at the last minute

AFM reports this Shorts And you see Alvin up 10%. Just Eat Takeaway comes in the back.

Agenda and there’s not much to do except for these:

00:00 Alumexx – Annual Meeting

01:30 Inflation – May (Japan)
01:30 Composite PMI – June (Japan)
06:30 Economic Growth – First Quarter Second Estimate (NL)
08:00 Retail Sales – May (UK)
09:15 Composite PMI – Jun (Fra)
09:30 Composite PMI – June (Germany)
10:00 Composite PMI – June (EUR)
10:30 Composite PMI – June (UK)
15:45 Composite PMI – June (US)

Then this

S&P 500 +0.4% and NASDAQ 100 +1.2%:


Come on, the United States is doing everything to please India?

Real estate is a tough business

Oh, my God. Fortunately, they have a great road network in America, or there is no danger that it will spontaneously disintegrate.

Fortunately, we still have the European Union now perhaps the most staunch opponent of the European Union, because we don’t invest in anything anymore 🙂

No Holland again:

Enjoy and good luck today.

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