Minister Hoekstra: ‘Putin’s speech is a fake story’ abroad

Minister Hoekstra: 'Putin's speech is a fake story' abroad

During his whirlwind visit to Buenos Aires, Foreign Minister Hoekstra just responded to the much-discussed speech that President Putin gave in Moscow on Thursday. Hoekstra is visiting Buenos Aires to attend the Summit of Foreign Ministers of Latin America and Europe.

Hoekstra in an interview with this site: Putin is constantly trying to pretend that the situation in Ukraine is something to blame on both sides. He is trying to engage the West and the United States.” And so the minister responds to the Russian president who said today, among other things, that the West They are playing a dangerous and pervasive game of colonialism. “My colleagues and I here in Latin America are well aware that this is an unjust war waged by Russia. The good news is that we all see it as a file. fake novel he goes.”

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He added that it is important that European and Latin American countries continue to work together against Russia. Hoekstra thus concludes his fleeting visit to Buenos Aires, where he attended a large ministerial summit with colleagues from Europe and Latin America. He spoke privately with colleagues from Ecuador, Peru, and Panama, among others.

There is no connection with Nicaragua

Hoekstra did not speak to colleagues from Nicaragua and Venezuela, for example. Nicaragua severed diplomatic relations with our country at the beginning of this month. The Minister once again expressed his deep concern about democracy and human rights in the Central American country. Earlier this week, Hoekstra was on a working visit to Sint Maarten, Curaçao and Aruba to speak to prime ministers and governors there.

The islands are located next to Venezuela, which gives the country a special relationship with the Netherlands. “Although we have a lot to discuss and disagree a lot, I can’t catch up with everyone. Such conversations don’t fit for thirty seconds, of course.”

Anne Frank statue

Hoekstra revealed again in the presence of local officials in Buenos Aires, the Dutch ambassador and others Anne Frank statue stolen at the beginning of March. Less than twelve hours after the disappearance, the photo appeared in “Barrio 31”, a poor and harmless neighborhood in the capital. Thanks to the camera images, the statue can be quickly transformed into Keep track ofHowever, the motive and the perpetrators were not released.

Hoekstra: “Anne Frank reminds us that we must continue to stand up for human rights, tolerance and diversity.” He said that millions of Ukrainians were fleeing Russian aggression, and that many died like Anne Frank. “It is our duty to hold these perpetrators accountable until now.”

Large Jewish community in Argentina

The statue of Anne Frank – made by artist Jet Schep – is a copy of her statue on the Merwedeplein in Amsterdam. There are only two copies of it. The other is in the German capital, Berlin. The statue has been there since 2014, when it was unveiled in the presence of Rabbi Oraham Sottendorp (a friend of Father Otto Frank) and Centro Anne Frank of Argentina, among others, who placed it there in cooperation with the Dutch embassy. Argentina – an estimated quarter of a million Jews – has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world.

The statue was stolen on March 4 this year. © Sander Weda

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