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Because as a consumer you have a choice.

any choice? MacOS and Windows are both heavily involved in collecting remote transmission data. iOS and Android are no better in this area. Even if the majority of the Dutch know how to get a Linux box, I still wonder if you can do everything you need online about the case via Linux. I just noticed that tax returns via Linux have been possible for a long time, but what about your banking? Many banks only provide apps, not calculators, and these apps are only available for popular mobile operating systems. Even if you could perform all your obligations to the state through Linux, can you transfer those obligations without having something you don’t have a choice in (the banking app)?

The reason there is consumer protection in the Netherlands is that Dutch consumers do not have to make these kinds of difficult decisions themselves, because the majority of Dutch people do not have the knowledge to make a well-informed choice.

As a knowledgeable enough consumer, I don’t exactly have an idea that I had (had) much of a choice with “choice” in the telemetry suite by MS, Google, Apple, etc. If I had the option to disable it permanently (without “breaking” things) I would. But even imperfect solutions require a lot of time, labour, convenience, money and constant maintenance.

I would like to say this not necessary Data collection must be turned off by default through EU (and Northern Calaucia) legislation.

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