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…moto G series every 2-3 years is more than enough for me…
But when I saw these prices I couldn’t justify them.

My iPhone 6 lasted about 6 years, my iPad Air 7.5+ years. That’s 2x-4x as long as you spend 2-3 years on your smartphone.

Let’s compare the iPhone to your MotoG, it lasts about 2x longer (for me). I set aside €448 for my new iPhone SE, how much less did I say €224 for my latest Moto G?

Let’s compare my iPad to a tablet that lasts 2-3 years, my iPad Air lasted about 3x longer, and I had one of the most expensive iPad Airs (256GB) €809 / 3 = €270. The cheapest (latest) iPad currently is €590 (iPad 10th generation) / 3 = €197.

And more ads just mean wasting time on life, something you will never get back.

and what @Daniel Chopin The saying is of course a bit shortsighted, you don’t buy such a piece of hardware for the specs, but for the user experience. And experience shows that this is not compatible with Android devices, which can vary from utter crap to good. And now I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been a few years since I’ve actively supported Android devices, but then the experience was that if you wanted a “good” experience, you were still stuck with more expensive Android devices (or did you have to do a lot of custom work yourself, Which costs time = money). And the biggest hurdle was security update support, the cheaper your device, the shorter it is/is.

Many people look primarily at price rather than durability, which is not only an issue with smartphones and tablets, but often with other devices and not only from Apple. How often do companies buy the cheapest one from the cheapest, it’s not a very pleasant user experience, and they have to replace it with something else in a few years because it’s either broken or it’s not back fast enough. Many SME customers have to convince this…

The only reason I can think of Android is because Apple is trying to shove FaceID down your throat. So I chose (newer) Apple devices that have touchID! We’ll see in a few years if Apple backs off or not…

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