January 31, 2023

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Minecraft ban will soon also be applied to private servers – Games – News

The Minecraft community makes everything bigger than it is again.

It’s now fairly clear that kids who shout the n-word or something like that won’t be stopped. These actions are really intended to incite suicide, child sexual abuse, or… terrorists banish.

Also, all privacy complaints are insignificant. Messages are only sent to Microsoft/Mojang when the player has already reported them. Moreover, all messages are encrypted using sha-256 + rsa-1024 with pkcs8 padding. Also, almost every game has moderate features and also almost all players use Discord so why not moderation in a game with a lot of kids.

People can clearly describe why someone is reporting, there are multiple categories and you can send multiple messages in 1x so that’s okay too. Moreover, people can appeal if they are banned and they think they deserve to be unblocked.

On top of that, there are plenty of options for people/servers who don’t really want that. if you are on Modern searching for Report You’ll find enough tweaks that actually bypass the reporting system. This is also possible on the server side by not signing chat messages anymore.
Also, there has always been a system for Mojang/Microsoft to block servers if you violate the EULA. We’ve always seen Mojang very careful about this, so now they’re expected to do the same with client supervision.

It is also incomprehensible to many parents that servers in Minecraft are not often hosted by Microsoft / Mojang. If a child is being bullied online, Mojang/Microsoft and not the third party servers will be to blame.

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Third-party server owners can ban players, yes. But many of the cases discussed are various perpetrators simply going from server to server to spread evil. Even I think Microsoft’s bans can’t do much about it because these kind of people just buy a new account.

People lose their bullshit for something not as bad as they think (it doesn’t help sensation-hungry YouTubers). There are definitely parts that could be a timeout, if they start working with automatic moderation, for example. But for now everything seems to have compiled well and we have to see how this works first.

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