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According to Microsoft, Xbox Cloud Gaming is primarily used as a console functionality and not necessarily as a separate service. Subscribers now mainly use the service to play the game while downloading Game Pass, Microsoft says.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available through the browser, smartphone and desktop app, and through an app on select Samsung TVs. However, the service is now primarily used on Xbox consoles, says Head of Xbox Hardware Sarah Bond. Bond made her remarks According to IGN In the lawsuit between Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission over its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

When asked if she sees Xbox Cloud Gaming as a separate service, she replied that she now sees cloud gaming as a console feature. She also points out that console games are the ones that are streamed, which don’t always run flawlessly on other devices. It may refer to the touch screens of smartphones or computers without a controller.

The streaming service is part of Game Pass Ultimate, which costs €13 per month and, among other things, combines the console and PC Game Pass subscription and includes Xbox Gold. Bond says that cloud gaming is not a popular feature compared to other Ultimate features and that cloud gaming is giving Microsoft a miss right now.

With the remarks, Bond takes issue with the concerns of the Federal Trade Commission and the British Capital Markets Agency. These regulators fear that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard could have consequences for the “rapidly growing” cloud gaming market. The CMA in particular fears that the acquisition could distort competition in the cloud gaming market.

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