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Microsoft will once again work on a new Windows version that is intended for alternative devices and form factors. The company previously tested Windows versions such as Core OS and Windows 10X, but it always stopped. Now the company will be working on something called CorePC.

Windows CorePC will be a continuation of previous plans about Core OS, Windows Central writes based on in-company sources. Windows CorePC is a code name for a variant of Windows that can run Win32 applications, but can also run on alternative devices such as phones, tablets, foldables, and other form factors. The operating system can be configured to allow different features and applications to run on specific devices.

The operating system is divided into several sources according to Windows Central Resources States, and create many read-only partitions that are not accessible to all components and programs in the operating system. This way, the operating system will also be able to get security updates faster and can be reset easily. With this decision, Microsoft hopes to allow the operating system to compete with Android or iPadOS, or with mobile operating systems such as Chrome OS.

Microsoft would like to release a version that includes only Edge and some web and Android apps. This version should be suitable for PC and laptops with lower specs. These computers are widely used in education.

Another part of the operating system will specifically target applications related to artificial intelligence. This concerns, for example, programs that can read the screen and accordingly can start applications or provide additional information, or with information that can be retrieved from images. And this, in turn, requires separate and more powerful hardware, for which the operating system is optimized.

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It is not yet clear at what stage of Microsoft’s development with CorePC. The release should be ready simultaneously with a major Windows update in 2024, Windows Central writes. In recent years, the company has often tried to prepare a new version of Windows that would be suitable not only for laptops and desktops, but also for all devices. I started with the Universal Windows Platform, which, in addition to Win32 applications, should also be able to handle Windows Mobile applications. Later, Microsoft worked on Windows Core OS, which ran Win32 by default. However, that has been suspended and replaced with Windows 10X. This will work on devices with multiple screens, but Microsoft also shelved this project earlier.

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