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Today I was “forced” to upgrade Windows 11. I have a new (and powerful, because PC gaming) system that meets all the hardware requirements for Windows 11. Turn on the TPM in the BIOS.

Reason for upgrade: I can no longer upgrade Windows 10 Professional. Always after rebooting the message appears that the installation has rolled back due to an error. The disk check was also unsuccessful, the PC will not go into standby mode anymore and go through all the troubleshooting procedures to no avail. Then I started working with the specific error message where you have to perform all kinds of actions via Command Prompt. This is really crazy in 2021, right? I’m handy with computers, but how did my wife manage to get out of this? And how did it “suddenly” happen?

After hours upon hours of trying and going through everything, I was faced with the choice: try a fresh install of Windows 10 or upgrade Windows 11. So the last one was done and the problems seemed to be resolved.

When Windows 10 came out I was a huge fan of it. It’s amazing how stable and fast it ran, even on older devices. But I’m starting to get more and more annoyed by the illogical structure and various shells and I still go to the old Control Panel instead of the original settings window. I used to love the rumble, but now everything should work. The contrast with my MacBook is too great (I open it up and start working right away).

I think I’ll spend a little time behind Windows 11 myself; It’s just a platform for my kids to play games on. But I will watch how it develops!

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