Microsoft: The Office brand name will disappear

Microsoft: The Office brand name will disappear

Microsoft wants in November to start With renamed programs and services it is still called Office. This starts with Also in January, the Office apps for Windows and Office mobile apps will be renamed Microsoft 365.

The new Microsoft 365 app also has a different look, new icon, and more features than the current Office app.

Microsoft 365

The reason for the change is that Microsoft’s 365 online subscription service is now “the company’s main productivity suite,” according to the company. Microsoft 365 provides access to online versions of Office software, including OneDrive and Teams. The service was called Office 365 between 2010 and 2020.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint remain on sale separately

Word, Excel spreadsheet program, PowerPoint presentation program, Outlook email program and Teams collaboration service will continue to be called.

Microsoft continues to offer one-time purchases of software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to consumers and businesses through office 2021 and government contributions. There will also be no changes to existing Office 365 subscriptions.

Since 1988

Office was announced in 1988 by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It was the marketing term for the corporate office software suite. From the first version, Word, Excel and PowerPoint were part of Office. In 2017, revenue from the subscription service exceeded that of licenses in the Office package.

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