December 1, 2022

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Microsoft tests Windows 11 beta that fixes AMD CPU performance issues – Computer – News

You may be right, no one knows this except Microsoft, Intel and AMD themselves and they are not going to do the dirty job about it. However, Microsoft and Intel have been known to work closely together from an early stage in developing a new version of Windows. Specifically for Windows 11, both parties have worked hard to make Intel’s new Alder Lake CPU line, with its mix of efficient electronic cores and performance-oriented P-cores, work as well as possible, among other things, a new scheduler.

So I guess you can safely say that @dmantion He may be right that AMD didn’t get the same attention from Microsoft to improve Windows 11 for Zen architecture either.

Edit: I would like to add that AMD engineers/developers are not really sleepy when it comes to software optimization for their architecture. For example, AMD recently introduced patches to the Linux kernel for a new table for Zen CPUs, which better handle the frequency scaling and power management features built into the Zen architecture. Until now, AMD CPUs were using the old CPUFreq scheduler developed by Intel in the Linux kernel, but with this new scheduler, Zen CPUs can boost better and remain more energy efficient, as they can go for much lower when they’re not. In use. to me.

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