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Microsoft introduced a modified taskbar in beta version of Windows 11 which should be more user friendly for touch screen use. Version 22563 includes two taskbar modes, as well as a new notification option for enterprise system administrators.

The taskbar is adapted for touch screen use In construction 22563 The Dev channel has two modes: folded or unfolded. In the first mode, the taskbar is as narrow as possible, and according to Microsoft, only the most important status icons appear. In unfolded mode, the icons on the taskbar have been enlarged several times so that they are easy to touch with a finger.

The taskbar will automatically switch to the new design when you separate the touch screen from the keyboard or when you use a 2-in-1 device running Windows 11 as a tablet. According to Microsoft, the modified taskbar modes cannot be used on laptops and desktops.

Microsoft is also adding a new notification option in Windows 11 that targets system administrators in companies or organizations that need to service multiple Windows 11 devices. With the new notification option, administrators can choose not to show Windows Update notifications to users in their organization during active business hours.

Enhanced taskbar for tablets Windows 11 (version 22563)

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