Microsoft: Sony asks game studios to exclude Xbox | Technique

Microsoft: Sony asks game studios to exclude Xbox |  Technique

Sony is trying to prevent Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In response, Microsoft has now attacked Sony. According to the software giant, Sony will pressure game developers not to release games on Microsoft’s Xbox.

Microsoft made the accusations document which was submitted to the British regulator CMA. It is being evaluated whether or not an Activision Blizzard acquisition should be approved.

According to Microsoft, Sony has exclusivity in a number of games, including the new version of Final Fantasy VIIFinal fantasy xviAnd the bloodborne And the silent hill 2. According to the software giant, these games will never be released for other gaming PCs.

Sony also has agreements with game studios that some games may not be released on Xbox, Microsoft claims. According to Microsoft, the PlayStation manufacturer will determine which computers or platforms games can be released on. This will be part of the agreements to release games for the PlayStation.

Microsoft is the manufacturer of the Xbox gaming PC and also develops many of the same games. Microsoft has $69 billion (about 65 billion euros) left for Activision Blizzard.

The planned acquisition has already drawn criticism from rival Sony. The PlayStation maker fears that Activision Blizzard games will soon only be played on Xbox.

Regulators are also concerned about the takeover. The US competition watchdog, the FTC, launched the merger case earlier this month to prevent. In addition to US authorities, Europe and the UK are also looking into whether a takeover takes place through the arch can.

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