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Microsoft will sell the Xbox Series X mini fridge for €99, and the black piece of white goods will also be rolling out in Europe. Microsoft has promised to start producing the refrigerator if users vote for the Xbox brand in a popularity contest on Twitter.

The mini fridge will have dimensions of 462 x 232 x 232 mm, making the size a little over one and a half times larger on the Xbox Series X and console Irene last. It comes with a 5V USB port for charging the device, and the device also has two shelves inside and two drawers in the door, all of which are removable. Microsoft says itself It holds ten cans, but American employment British Ports talk about 12 cans. Cooling does not pass through the compressor, it happens thermoelectric. Finally, in addition to AC, there is also a DC adapter on the go.

In this case, the availability in Europe also means that the Netherlands can already buy the refrigerator; The country was specifically mentioned in the ad. However, Belgium is not mentioned, but “regional availability will be expanded during 2022”. Sales in the Netherlands are likely to go through Toynk on, because the other outlets mentioned, GameStop and Micromania, have no Holland locations or locations. The refrigerator is not yet available on Amazon. Pre-orders begin October 19 and first copies must be delivered in December of this year.

Twitter Organized In April of this year, there was a popularity contest between the various brands operating on the platform via polls. Participants included Skittles, Gatorade, Oreo, Airbnb, Spotify, MTV, and more. In the last round The Xbox and Skittles had to go head-to-head and this was a race until the last minute. So the head of Xbox game marketing, Aaron Greenberg, threw in the towel on a promise that Xbox mini-fridges would be made if the brand won. She got 50.5 percent of the 340,000 votes. A mini fridge is a joke that lasts longer; Some believe that the console looks like such a device.

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