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Microsoft has published a roadmap for the Windows subsystem for Android on GitHub. This shows that work is being done on Android 13 support, file transfer between Android and Windows environment, Picture in Picture mode and local network access.

Microsoft on github page An overview of all the features currently supported by the Windows subsystem for Android. At the same time, the company is also reporting on features that are not currently supported, such as Android gadgets, direct access to Bluetooth, file backup, picture-in-picture mode, and USB access. The roadmap also shows what jobs the company is currently working on. It is not known when these new features will be introduced.

The page also allows developers to report bugs in the Windows subsystem for Android or Property Orders Presents. Microsoft also provides documentation for developers who want to update their Androidapps Compatibility with the subsystem, or debugging their applications so that they function properly through virtualization software.

In the View Windows 11 In 2021, Microsoft announced that it would be possible to run Android apps on the operating system. These will be available for download via the Amazon Appstore, which is integrated into Microsoft’s own Store. Microsoft indicated that this works with Intel Bridge technology, without going into technical details.

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