Microsoft provides OpenAI on Azure at scale and adds ChatGPT – IT Pro – News

Beautiful video. I find it particularly interesting to read the current discussion about people saying it is nothing more than a cleverly designed model that pulls texts together and turns them into a logically “sounding” story. Others say it is only the beginning and that the real intelligence will come after that and we must intervene very quickly. The truth has to be somewhere in the middle.

I think the main point is that despite the fact that he still seems to be failing a fair number of points, you’d expect him to improve from what he (already) is now. I also don’t see it at all as an artificial intelligence as in a consciousness we have to be afraid of.

But, it’s clearly good enough and it will get better as it will actually take on a lot of the tasks and/or we’ll become more reliant on this kind of AI in assistive form. It seems to me an excellent development, if we can also guarantee quality and reliability. Sometimes, I think it’s the same principle as self-driving cars are expected to be 100% accident-free, whereas if people end up with 98%, so to speak, 99% self-driving, then the latter is safer. , is not it? Likewise with artificial intelligence, there is a good chance that it will be on average more accurate, more efficient, and perhaps even smarter than the average human. A large part of the tasks that ordinary people do can then easily be done by AI.

I think this shift from office/computer jobs will be very interesting in the years to come. I also can’t imagine AI becoming as kind of a flop as virtual reality in the 1980s.

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