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Azure puzzled

Do you have a reliable source for that? Because that sounds like chatter in space…

What I can find about this is that they are making more and more revenue using Azure and “other cloud services”, but there is no mention of profit/loss with Azure, for the following reasons:

Microsoft still doesn’t separate Azure revenue separately in dollars.

https: //…fourth-quarter-results-4/

From what I’ve read, Azure and AWS are doing really well, only Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is (still) losing money:

@Psychological Your source for 10% layoffs does not provide a source, but all the other news articles provide Bloomberg as a source, which talks about layoffs of less than 1%. I guess they can’t count there.

Your other “source” has been categorized as “marginal media” by Wikipedia, and I wouldn’t quite call that reliable at the moment. But even if you did, the word “Azure” is not mentioned at all in the entire article. We still don’t have a resource that loses Azure.

As for your assumptions that MS is a “host” and having a negative about this hits us in the wallet…well, I’ve been deep in MS O365/AAD for years with the occasional trip to Azure. Sure, this makes good money, but not because I sell services, but because I do things. I also implement RMM, help desk systems and documentation, etc. If Linux desktop automation is a good solution, then I make my money with it, I don’t really care. As long as it is the “best” solution for the customer. I prefer seeing as few Windows servers as possible and minimum number of hybrid environments! The fewer moving parts, the more stable the environment, the lower the cost to the customer.

10 to 15 years ago, Google was way ahead of ao. Webmail, Google Docs, etc. O365 was not a thing at the time. But Google lost its lead, gained notoriety with long-term support, and MS made strides with the O365. So yes, this is the default mode in action. Is it perfect, far from it! But as I mentioned earlier this week, we all have horror stories about the products and suppliers you work with a lot. And this is not only MS M365/Azure, but also AWS, GCP, etc.

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