March 26, 2023

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Microsoft launches Windows Server 2022 – Computer – News

It still amazes me the 2003 and SBS 2003 and 2011 issue that I came across. Especially in Belgium, East Flanders and Limburg, it is most often. “It works anyway, I don’t need a new one”

These days I try to spread that you should buy new milk before the old milk spoils, and if milk is important to your business, you should be earlier because sometimes you don’t have time to go to the store.
The variables are: “What is the legal retention period for this data? Oh, 7 years, you only have 3 years of support, shouldn’t we do something about that?”
And “You can get a year’s help from the supplier with the upgrade, and then they won’t help you anymore if things go wrong.”

You can take a whole volume with news stories about ransomware, hacking, corporate fines…. The thought is still “that won’t happen to me”.

I note that often it is not even clear what it is all about. They themselves do not understand what can be obtained and do not really know what a data breach is. This is something from the newspaper. Why would someone attack their old website, it’s worth nothing anyway? At most you can see the names of the employees, that’s not a data breach, is it? Sometimes it’s hard to explain that most hacks are more like stealing a bike than Ocean’s 11.

However, it’s hard that IT is secretly so expensive and that outsiders can’t really appreciate it. They are happy when they get the purchase price together and do not take into account that the first furniture is only a small part of the total price. Then I can point out the old bikes in front of the door with two thick locks on them which cost more than the bike itself, but the money is wasted.

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