“Microsoft is working on its own Arm Silicon chips for Windows 12” – PC – News

Microsoft is said to be working on its own Arm chips intended for Microsoft’s own hardware. The company wants to optimize Windows 12 for those chips, according to the different vacancies that Windows Latest writes about.

The latest version of Windows Depends on documents and vacancies Microsoft says it is looking for programmers and developers for a system-on-a-chip, CPU and graphics processing architecture. These developers must create programming models and performance requirements You must draw. Developers are required to work with hardware and software teams, subject to job postings.

The vacancies and documents will show that Microsoft wants to expand the Microsoft Silicon team. This is the department that works on its own chips within the company. The expansion of the team, according to Windows Latest, indicates that the company wants to create its own counterpart to Apple’s socs.

These chips will run on Arm Silicon architecture and are specifically optimized for use with Windows 12, a future operating system whose release date is currently unknown. There have also been rumors recently that Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows, intended for alternative hardware and form factors, but it is not clear if CorePC will be part of Windows 12 and whether the new chips will be optimized for it. According to Windows Latest, it probably is.

Microsoft’s Arm Silicon chips are said to be manufactured to be more energy efficient and efficient. This would make the hardware particularly suitable for AI applications that can be processed in the operating system.

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