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Microsoft is expanding the ability to automatically adjust screen brightness based on the content being viewed on laptops connected to a charger and desktop computers. In addition, the company comes with a number of improvements to the Microsoft Store.

Content Adaptive Brightness Control was previously only available for wireless laptops, but in Windows Insider Preview Build 23434 for the Canary channel Is this one Now also available for laptops connected to a charger, as well as desktop computers.

Microsoft promises that this automatic brightness will not be annoying for most users and will help reduce power consumption. For laptops, adaptive brightness is automatically turned on if they are battery powered and therefore not connected to a charger. For desktop computers, the feature is disabled by default.

In addition, the preview build also includes a number of changes to the Microsoft Store, as well as to the Dev Channel Also available In Building 25330 of the Canary Canal. For example, it is now possible to install free applications without opening the product page. When users enter a free app’s name in the search field, and hover their mouse over the app in the search results, an information card opens with an install button.

In addition, the designs of the purchase screen and app review section will be modified so that they are more in line with the style of Windows 11. According to Microsoft, this should also provide a “faster” and “more reliable” experience. It is not known when the new features and other innovations of the preview versions will be available to all Windows 11 users. This usually happens within a few months.

Information card with an install button for free apps in the Microsoft Store

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