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Microsoft is working on a six-part documentary about the Xbox. Power On: The Xbox storyline revolves primarily around the first console, but, for example, the Red Ring of Death for the Xbox 360 has also been discussed. The series also appears on YouTube.

Met Power On: The Xbox Story Microsoft wants It tells the story of the origins of consoles and how four players at Microsoft made it happen. The trailer below shows that this was no easy task; The company at that time was known mainly for Windows and Office, although the company was already publishing games at that time. Despite the successful gaming branch, making and selling the console wasn’t necessarily seen as a logical move.

However, four DirectX employees, Otto Berkes, Ted Hase, Seamus Blackley, and Kevin Bachus, wanted to create a console and tried to organize meetings for this. Collide To attract attention to their project. Then CEO Steve Ballmer thought the project was “crazy” and wondered what it would all cost. It’s not yet revealed in the trailer how the quartet finally got him there.

In docuseries, it’s not just the console itself that passes. Peripherals such as games and consoles are also discussed. Specifically, the creation of classics such as the Halo series, Gears of War, and Forza, and the Duke “gorilla-captured” console. In Power On: The Story of Xbox, attention is paid to more things that didn’t go well, like presentations with failed consoles and the infamous RROD of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft announced the documentary as part of 20th Anniversary of the Original Xbox. The series will be released starting December 13th; It is not clear if all the episodes will be released at once or if they will cost money. The series will be available on IMDbTV, Microsoft, Redbox, Roku, and YouTube.

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