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Phil Spencer has been the savior of all the Xbox franchise. Microsoft more or less confirms this in a documentary on its own YouTube channel about Xbox:–43R8Oo

(This is the last episode, the series is fun too.)

He is described as a real player because he sometimes stays online until 03:00 at night.

I’ve said it here before, he can keep Microsoft on the right track by focusing only on what matters: games. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what you play on. Console wars are a thing of the past. Mobile games are a much bigger “enemy”. Then you can resist it or you can cuddle with it. They seem to target games on every platform and that’s smart.

However, Phil doesn’t last forever either and Microsoft tends to keep shooting itself. The Last Xbox Man (Don Matric) Wanted to Turn the Xbox into a TV Receiver (TV, TV, TV, TV, TV). They can also significantly increase the price of a gaming subscription. The future will appear.

At least for now, Phil is doing just fine. And no, I don’t have an Xbox.

/Edit, it was Don Matric, thanks.

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